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    Pau Casals

    The Foundation preserves, disseminates and manages the legacy that Pau Casals left to the people of Catalonia.

    The estate is vast and includes musical scores, instruments, awards, paintings, sculptures and a large volume of documents that bear witness to the life of the Maestro and the history of the 20th century. It is divided between the Arxiu Nacional de Catalunya (the Catalan National Archive) and the Vil·la Museu Pau Casals (Pau Casals House Museum) in El Vendrell, which, in itself, is an essential part of his heritage. Able to host exhibitions, concerts, and a variety of events in its rooms and gardens, the Vil·la represents the very heart of Pau Casals’ ongoing legacy and a wellspring of future study and research.


    Pau Casals

    The Foundation's purpose is to defend peace and solidarity, principles to which Pau Casals was so famously committed.

    Throughout his life and particularly during difficult moments of history, Pau Casals took stands that were profoundly influenced by his sense of moral obligation. It was this firm notion of principle that led him to self exile and, eventually, to world recognition and high honors bestowed on him by leaders, governments and institutions –epitomized by his award from the United Nations. In such ways has the name of Casals transcended the musical stage to become a virtual emblem of peace, liberty, and fraternity. The Foundation believes that these principles, so valued by Casals, should have a permanent place in modern society.

    Toward that end, the Foundation is committed to supporting social initiatives at home and abroad. Its projects embody the Maestro’s firm conviction that music is a vehicle that can get us where we otherwise would never go.


    Pau Casals

    The Foundation regards culture not as a consumer product but as an essential building block in the human experience—fundamental to the enjoyment of a full, rich life.

    In this respect, the Foundation is firmly committed to making music an integral part of the education and emotional development of children and young people.

    To that end, it develops and promotes programs and activities that will facilitate the learning and appreciation of music, as well as giving financial support to the training of young cellists.

Foundation Pau Casals

Avinguda Palfuriana, 67
43880 Sant Salvador, El Vendrell

Museum: +34 977 684 276
Foundation: +34 933 192 021

Fax. +34 977 684 783

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