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The Vil·la Casals-Pau Casals Museum is a useful educational tool which allows teachers to work on both the figure of Pau Casals and his times as well as on diverse concepts relating directly to music and the values of peace, justice and freedom. Children and young people must be given an explanation of who Pau Casals was in order to enjoy his music, as well as to learn from his attitude, his integrity, his solidary spirit and all the values which can make the people of today recognise in this figure the spirit of the struggle for a better world.


The museum offers various strategies of communication for both the children and young people who visit it. The music to be heard throughout the tour, with pieces by J.S. Bach and Pau Casals, among others, creates an effective link between the visitors and the figure whom they discover. Likewise, images in the form of both still pictures and audiovisuals are everywhere to be seen, presenting the thoughts and the various aspects of Pau Casals from the earliest moments of his life and his childhood, when he learned to play the cello, to his advanced age when he received the U.N. Peace Medal.

Through these two resources, the visit to the museum itself becomes a way of discovering an important figure while the tour of the house sheds light on many facets of the everyday life of his times.

The tour lasts approximately one hour. The museum may be visited in groups of 25 to 30 persons, with the entry of successive groups at 10-minute intervals.

View animated tours

Animated tours

Animated tours are adapted to the various school levels and they are led by expert monitors who, working through dialogue, invite the pupils to speak about and experiment with what they see. There should be one accompanying person for each group of 25-30 pupils.

5 € per pupil
4 € Schools and colleges in the province of Tarragona
Free admission for teachers and adults accompanying the groups of pupils.
Non-guided tours

The museum may be visited by groups under the supervision of teachers. There should be two accompanying adults for each group of 25-30 pupils.

2 € per pupil
Free admission for teachers and adults accompanying the groups of pupils


To make group tours of the museum, it is recommendable to reserve a date and hour by completing the reservation form or by calling on telephone 977 684 276 from Tuesday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.


To assure the smooth running of activities, groups are urged to be punctual. If for any reason it is not possible to arrive at the appointed hour, the museum should be notified sufficiently long in advance (tel. 977 684 276).

Confirmation letter

The museum will send you a confirmation letter which should be displayed on arriving for the tour.

Foundation Pau Casals

Avinguda Palfuriana, 67
43880 Sant Salvador, El Vendrell

Museum: +34 977 684 276
Foundation: +34 933 192 021

Fax. +34 977 684 783

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